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Slurpslurpslurp, here's good food to motivate ourselves after studying for a long day today!

Menya ryu's Sapporo Special Ramen Set ($18 inclu. GST & service charge)
 It tastes really good (love the eggy) but actually the portion's way too big and I couldn't finish it :< Had to force myself to finish the rest of the gyoza and abandon some of the noodles. (I guess maybe it's a break from ramen for good)

Mum's favourite flower

Reminder to myself: Mummy loves baby's breath/million star/gypsophilia. (And I can see why!)


Whoohoo, off to the bin they go! Today marks the occurrence of the most horrendous paper of the entire Y1S1 -- mother of god CM1401, Chemistry for Life Science. The paper was split into 2 parts: physical component of 4 questions and organic component of 8 questions. To be completely honest, for that 12 questions that I attempted, there was none that I had faith in, like 'yes-this-must-be-the-right-answer'. Every answer seems like a gamble of faith and a rising mountain of doubt. Sigh sigh sigh. I blame it on the lack of sufficient quality past year paper solutions. On the messy notes that has information jumbled here, there and everywhere. On the lack of sufficient questions that tackles at every concept we need to understand fully. On the lack of self-control to memorise all the organic reactions. Actually, perhaps just putting the entire blame on me for not putting in my all. Time to buck up perhaps? Perhaps.
P.S. The word 'mountain' kinda reminded me of geography s…

Brunch: Rabbit Carrot Gun

Happily crawled out of bed this morning, all in the name of a short brunch and lovely friends!  (And esp. to welcome home the Baba Queen, Melly ho, back to this sunny island)  It's a good break from studying (not that I had been studying really diligently), feels like I am finally breaking free from the vicious monster named Finals!  Rabbit Carrot Gun @ Katong Yup, it's never a good brunch without a cup of tea (esp. Mr. Earl Grey over here) and some pan-pan-pancakes!
While wanting to indulge in some sweet heaven and yet have something more savoury, I shared eggs ben with melly! Food wasn't really good but the ambience/service/company were on point tho ^_^
Pancakes w/ maple syrup and berry compote ($11.50) | Earl Grey Tea ($4)
Pang with our polaroids! 

Ah, it draws me back to the chill and lovely days we spent together at Melbourne, going from random cafes to famous cafes. Everything would have been even more perfect, if not for the missing burdensome retarded idiotic lamea…

Black & White

Where the demons hide

Wall doodles

Pretty graffiti spotted!
(dear little plant, what happened? Grow baby grow) I am an wild untamed beast of 3 ferocious silver wolves. I am a mere homosapien of earthly roots. I am a futuristicmachine of wheels and gears. They call me the Wolvearthine, a pure masterpiece of fusion.


A good conversation goes both ways - there is talking and listening.

Yes I know that you might have a lot to exciting things you would wanna share and talk about but hey, that shouldn't make up the entire conversation. There shouldn't even be thoughts in my head like, "when are you gonna stop talking about this/oh another long story to go" in the conversation at all. While I may be more of a listener than a speaker, it doesn't mean I have to sit there for a full 2hours just listening to the long blabbers.

Yes, thank you for wanting to share your daily bread and jam with me but, spare a thought for me. It's tiring just sitting there... trying to remember every single detail mentioned. It's like you are just vomitting out everything you had after a full-blown buffet and I, am just forced to chug down all your vomit dutifully.

As time goes by, my mind gradually shuts down, my lips goes zipped-shut and eventually, upturned at the corners. By the end of your …

End of Y1S1

Yesterday marked the end of the academic semester whoohoo! Thankful for all the new friends I've met and made across different modules :') whom made each and every module much more enjoyable!
And to celebrate, the 0304 kakis finally went for korean bbq buffet @ Ssikkek (my selfish desire oops hehe)

 and yup, more pictures to mark the end of year one sem one! 1103 practical group F4 w/ gavan as our TA ES1541 class w/ jonathan tangtang! 1104 lab group :D

'15 Planner

(A totally random surprise gift but) here's something to look forward to in 2015: using this pretty little planner! 
Doesn't it just scream 'swag' and 'use-me-right-now'?

Thanks thanks thanks thanks :')

Beauty in the littlest

Earlier on this morning, I went for an once in a blue moon run and someway somehow, I felt super close to nature. It seems that the plants have over time, all grown a little taller and untamed, prosperous and exuberant. So while I was pathetically dragging myself across that little pathway along Kallang river, I came across many little lovely butterflies that resting amongst the grasses. From an arduous painful journey, it instantly turned into a magical moment for me. For every 3 steps that I took, it sent a handful of 2-3 butterflies fluttering all around me. (Rather than thinking I disturbed their peaceful idle, I'd like to think that they welcomed my presence and ran along with me.) And then after my super tiring run (for having not ran in forever), I skipped the usual workout routine and went to that one tree that had its blossomed flowers dispersed and scattered all over the ground. I just stood up in admiration and wonderment for a moment, and the next thing I knew, I was …

Sakura pigsty

WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO just had a ultimate whack-it-eat-all-food at Sakura earlier on for dinner today! (Mummy's early birthday celebration) Tummy is so yumyum satisfied with all the goodness partying and getting wild inside. Imagine the food fight between the chawanmushi/sashimi/vegetables/currylamb/blackpepperchicken/yampaste/pseudoshark'sfin/laksa/brownies/hawaiianpizza/durianpuree/eclairs/seasaltcaramelicecream/motlenlavacake/tarts/blueberrycheesecake/etc.... What a party! (To them wild foodies: Please line up and exit right up at the nearest exit, crudely called anus, after y'all are done alright! Strictly no lurking around, no chances of you guys being converted to permanent residents named Fats)
Life is good with all the yummy food yesz. Let's not care about the fitness test that's gonna take place tomorrow shall we? (Yes, heck it)

molten lava cake which looks gross but tastes damn fine :> ^ a complete sextuple pigs right here! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . an…

Perfect afternoon

Afternoon bliss checklist:
✔ Soft mellow music to soothe the weary soul ✔ A cup of Oolong perfection from TWG - fragant, fresh, intense ✔  Lover bed with all favourite sleeping companions
What's better to recover your sleep debt than with a good, solid 5 hour afternoon nap on a chilly Saturday afternoon? Gone are the worries of mad fine-tuning of the ES essay (painstakingly revamped every single paragraph/sentence/wording) and the excruciating process of penning 1103 cheatsheet (which I think its the best artwork I have ever done this year).


Pretty pretty LED lights demarcating major countries in the world! Lifetime wish: visit every single one of them!

*Had an impromptu dinner meet-up with yuyue, whoohoo life's good talking about everything and anything. Feels like we've grown so much since the good old secondary school days!