Beauty in the littlest

Earlier on this morning, I went for an once in a blue moon run and someway somehow, I felt super close to nature. It seems that the plants have over time, all grown a little taller and untamed, prosperous and exuberant. So while I was pathetically dragging myself across that little pathway along Kallang river, I came across many little lovely butterflies that resting amongst the grasses. From an arduous painful journey, it instantly turned into a magical moment for me. For every 3 steps that I took, it sent a handful of 2-3 butterflies fluttering all around me. (Rather than thinking I disturbed their peaceful idle, I'd like to think that they welcomed my presence and ran along with me.) And then after my super tiring run (for having not ran in forever), I skipped the usual workout routine and went to that one tree that had its blossomed flowers dispersed and scattered all over the ground. I just stood up in admiration and wonderment for a moment, and the next thing I knew, I was trying to catch the falling flowers that have been sent spiraling down by the cool wind. It was really fun and enjoyable catching these little pretty things and I just felt wow, nature's amazing. All of nature seems so amazing in its own wondrous way

What started the ball rolling was actually the long feathery fountain grass (looks like what cats like to play around with) that were thriving along the river bank. Somehow, I felt like it was a really nice looking plant and then, I just started looking out for all sorts of fallen plants parts on through ground and tadah, that's how I ended up with that whole platter above.

*I can't believe I actually took the effort to go Google about Singapore's common plants ( and went around to identify fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum)..... oh what is 1103 botany practicals doing to me.

Yeah anyway I still enjoyed it all in all hehe. I tried to take artistic shots of 'em beauties! :D 

^ these 2 are the fresh flowers that fell right into my hands