Brunch: Rabbit Carrot Gun

Happily crawled out of bed this morning, all in the name of a short brunch and lovely friends! 
(And esp. to welcome home the Baba Queen, Melly ho, back to this sunny island)
 It's a good break from studying (not that I had been studying really diligently), feels like I am finally breaking free from the vicious monster named Finals! 
Rabbit Carrot Gun @ Katong
Yup, it's never a good brunch without a cup of tea (esp. Mr. Earl Grey over here) and some pan-pan-pancakes!

While wanting to indulge in some sweet heaven and yet have something more savoury, I shared eggs ben with melly! Food wasn't really good but the ambience/service/company were on point tho ^_^

Pancakes w/ maple syrup and berry compote ($11.50) | Earl Grey Tea ($4)

Pang with our polaroids! 

Ah, it draws me back to the chill and lovely days we spent together at Melbourne, going from random cafes to famous cafes. Everything would have been even more perfect, if not for the missing burdensome retarded idiotic lameass tungster. :'( Stomach hurry up come back and let us go eat all the good food together nomznomznomz.