Whoohoo, off to the bin they go! Today marks the occurrence of the most horrendous paper of the entire Y1S1 -- mother of god CM1401, Chemistry for Life Science. The paper was split into 2 parts: physical component of 4 questions and organic component of 8 questions. To be completely honest, for that 12 questions that I attempted, there was none that I had faith in, like 'yes-this-must-be-the-right-answer'. Every answer seems like a gamble of faith and a rising mountain of doubt. Sigh sigh sigh. I blame it on the lack of sufficient quality past year paper solutions. On the messy notes that has information jumbled here, there and everywhere. On the lack of sufficient questions that tackles at every concept we need to understand fully. On the lack of self-control to memorise all the organic reactions. Actually, perhaps just putting the entire blame on me for not putting in my all. Time to buck up perhaps? Perhaps.

P.S. The word 'mountain' kinda reminded me of geography so i went to google terms like 'ruware/inselberg/tors'. Hold and behold, I chanced upon this blog: that has got short snippets of geography concepts written out ever so nicely. Waaa why did I not find that while I was still taking As :'(

P. S.S. It was interesting reading through all those geography stuff hehe. Geography Y U no love me when I loved and still am loving you?