Halloween Horror Night 4

Halloween has never entailed any special meaning to me, except for a faint and distant perception of trick-or-treat in the likes of America. But hey this time round, I joined in the fun and yeah, it was a spooktastic Halloween! 

*NUS science faculty had its own fair share of Halloween party and atmosphere. (Although I didn't really did bother much)

And then, we went on to participate in the Halloween Horror Night 4 @ Universal Studios, Singapore! *Virgin trip to Halloween event whoohoo!*

Here's the mandatory (failed) shots with the universal globe:


Truth to be told, I actually kind of disliked USS because after a few times being there, I always felt that it was a waste of money. (I mean like there's not even one thrilling/satisfactory ride that would make you go WOW, and the performances all around are pretty dull and boring) But yeah I still went ahead nonetheless 'cause it sounded like it'd be fun because IT'S HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!

It was pretty great 'cause apart from some of the normal rides in USS, there were 4 haunted houses being set up and several scare zones. And there were like scarers here and there and everywhere, trying to spook you. The atmosphere was really good! The haunted houses weren't that scary per se, but it was real fun going through them hahah. At least I wasn't the most scardey scardey-cat ^^v

A bad thing though, was that the queues........ were terrifyingly long (had a waiting time of 140 minutes for supposedly the best haunted house). I guess it's all because it was the actual and final day of Halloweenie so YUP, curses validated. But the wait was pretty bearable 'cause of the lovely and retarded squirt squirt kakis I was with :D All the lame jokes/countless selfie and attempts to take a decent aerial shot/charades/weird midnight conversations....... hahaha

here's some of the many selfie we took!
^ With bored and spontaneous people photobombing everywhere in the background
^ with the trademark squirt pose
Hehe yeah so the night ended off on a real good note! It was great cause firstly, I got to see Vivian tan screaming at the slightest scare and jump while xiao meimei Huiyi braves through them all with just a slight squeal. Then getting to know Chuan yi's ultimate fear of clowns and snakes while we snaked through Jack's 3-Dementia. Last but not least, I got to see the once fearless Justin chew jumping and screaming 'cause some girl in makeup succeeded in scaring him up-close! Pffft haha it was fun laughing at people getting scared :D