A good conversation goes both ways - there is talking and listening.

Yes I know that you might have a lot to exciting things you would wanna share and talk about but hey, that shouldn't make up the entire conversation. There shouldn't even be thoughts in my head like, "when are you gonna stop talking about this/oh another long story to go" in the conversation at all. While I may be more of a listener than a speaker, it doesn't mean I have to sit there for a full 2hours just listening to the long blabbers.

Yes, thank you for wanting to share your daily bread and jam with me but, spare a thought for me. It's tiring just sitting there... trying to remember every single detail mentioned. It's like you are just vomitting out everything you had after a full-blown buffet and I, am just forced to chug down all your vomit dutifully.

As time goes by, my mind gradually shuts down, my lips goes zipped-shut and eventually, upturned at the corners. By the end of your speech, I'd probably be so tired out and would choose not to utter a single word extra. And at the end of the day, you'd probably feel so relieved and awesome for letting it all out while I'd probably feel burdened for taking it all in and meaningless (+ defeated) for having met up with you.

Don't monopolise the conversation. Listen.