It was a sad and blue and gloomy day because it rained cats and dogs, snakes and frogs, leopards and cheetahs, sun bears and polar bears, flying foxes and lemurs, timon (meerkat) and pumbaa (warthog). Didn't get to see much stuff 'cause for most of the time we were just trapped at the penguin lookout for a pretty long while.. which i seriously don't think the African penguins are that cute. It took us awhile before we all braved through the pouring rain, only to find shelter in the fully air-conditioned 18degrees enclosure at the Frozen Tundra. The entire period was just us fighting the bone-chilling cold and listening to dull presentation of some old and new world monkeys (not the way my friends presented but the content of it).

^ here's the meerkat who's doing guard duty (fun fact: while sheltering, meerkats always have an individual constantly on the look out to check for any potential predation, and they have exercise a shift routine!)

And so, what do we do to fight the boredom? SELFIES WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN FIND AROUND YOU:

Yesyes, the selfie was the highlight of the day pfft how sad. And what made it worse was that we all got our shoes soaked right to the soles and socks...... yucky yucky yucky.