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Some happy vibes to offset any glooom:
Elephant pants with lesister on a random day!
loverboy on my laplap
Christmas gifts received in totale from Childfirst!   Love letter all the way from Taiwan!
I guess some things are really just way out of your control... For one second, you're just naturally going with the flow 'cause things just feel right and the trust is there, and then the next second, you go 'uhoh, what have I wrecked? shit.' (I should go and bang myself on the wall. Hard.) Sure did wish the clock would turn back on itself but no, that doesn't happen. Why are things so perplex?
right now, it's like a aftermath of a train wreck at the place a little to the left, underneath the sternum.

Too attached

Just another week more to go before the kids are all promoted to their next class. Totally don't want it to happen :'( cause that means they would change teacher/assistantteacher/classroom..... everything. It's so sad to think how I would be forgotten soon sigh.  It's truly been an amazing journey, from the time I first came in in February till right now. Recently coming back to work after a 2 months' hiatus (cause of academic), I really could witnessed how much all the kids have grown. From being able to take out their own milkbottles/bottles/commbook in the morning, to ditching the diapers and being able to inform when they need to go, to being totally capable of eating without help and making a huge mess, to being able to take off and wear on their clothes independently and being conversational. 
Wow, just wow. Kids are amazing. The speed at which they pick up things leaves me dumbfounded daily. 
Trying my hardest not to be biased, but really, rx has got most o…

Growing up

'I hit jiejie', he says so happily as he throws the strongest punch he could manage at me, which to me felt like a soft push. Wanting to play along, I reciprocated with a whiny 'ouh' and pretended to be hurt. He hit me again, but this time with a nasty wickedness in his eyes. I wanted to kill the little devil in him but uhoh, it was time to keep up with the class and go back to class. I let it slip then, off my mind. Later then again, he hit me again (probably thought it was like a game to him) and again, I hadn't had the time to stop and talk to him. As I just watched over the kids, I realised that he was doing the same to his friends. It was then that I realised that I needed to step in and prevent the seeding of the violent tendencies. I went just a little louder and sterner but he was so petrified. He listened attentively to whatever I was throwing at him and replied all my questions rightfully. He understood that hitting was bad, would make me angry, and that…

Lucky me

Andddddd, I am back to work at childfirst! ^^

Yes, to have the honour of being back to assist Zhang laoshi. Yes, to working from 8-6am, cause that means loads of money are gonna come rolling in. Yes, to being back with my beloved kids! Today's top love story: After I knocked off from work today, I stopped by the playing room to bid goodbyes. While I have still yet to call upon rx, he came to me on his own and bear-hugged my thigh. A little prompting was all it took to earn myself a lovely kiss on the cheeks and a 'see-you-tomorrow-jiejie'. Awww it's like music to my ears :')

Sinful day

"How much good inside a day? Depends how good you live 'em.  How much love inside a friend? Depends how much you give 'em.”
― Shel Silverstein
Love returning home and feeling like I've maximised my day out!
 Today's checklist: 1. Morning chai latte w/ good old sungho & jaslin 2. Shopping (scouting jas' heels & my sandals/platforms) 3. Amasoy's matcha ice-cream (can you believe that such goodness is only $2!) 4. Fat boy's burger -- Holy Caesar 5. Salted Caramel ft. earl grey ice-cream (like finally!)
 Delicious soft/milky/creamy/silky matcha soft serve ice-cream for two bucks? ME ME.

Thick vanilla-flavoured malt shake + nutella + crushed oreo (@ $8.90) Holy caesar w/ super juicy juicy grilled chicken and bacon mmhmm! (@ $12) And Uma's own customised goodness!

 And tadah! Triple scoops of ice-cream chosen each by Mel, Uma and I. I had no doubts in ordering the earl grey one 'cause I've been wanting to eat it since foreeeeeee…


It's a chillpill day today :D Woke up late in the afternoon, had a cup of Boh earl grey and my daily breakfast bread before heading out to meet my boss (funny how the contact name stuck around from years ago)! Had a good 3 hours of singing @ Katong teoheng and headed to the beach!

Waves crashing//wind blowing//sun setting//friend's company

JB Adventure

And so.......... 
it all started out with this impromptu little dessert yesterday night after the horrendous BTT
Shuting, Jas and I had this little chitchat session over Milk & Honey's signature yoghurt parfait Royal Honey ($8.80). We talked from about anything to everything and then, shuting casually asked if we were free tomorrow and wanted to join her and her mum to Johor Bahru (JB). We casually said yes, and so, off we went!
On a rainy Saturday morning, we caught the Singapore-Johore Express at Beach Rd for cheapcheap $3 and were at Causeway Link in no time! Skipped and cut the queue to hop on bus 160/170 towards Johor checkpoint. The crazy 1pm queue had us waiting for a good 45 minutes before we were all stamped and clear to roam around JB!
1. Komtar and City Square to fill up our bottomless stomach - Komtar is a new mall that sees more commercialised brands, has Auntie Anne's, an angry birds activity park and reasonably clean toilets. - City Square has got looooads o…

Solitary Friday

The best time to work in the kitchen is when nobody else is home. Because having only you alone at home means that no one would barge in and disturb you on your little sacred peace, no one would ask you to tone down the speaker volume nor your singing, no one would scold you if you made a mistake or two, no one would question you what you are doing, no one would take away your fan, no one would mess up the sink area, or simply put, there's complete dominance over everything. 
I had all the time in the world today to slowly and peacefully work my way around things! So I made myself some molten lava cake...

* Taste was good but need a better control of baking time!

And avocado(-sauced) poached eggy on toast for my brunch:

Avocado green is pretty, isn't it!
*Mr. poached egg failed again cause I accidentally poked the egg yolk while scooping it out oh well. Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect. * Avocado + lemon juice is some simple goodness with toast, yum yum!

Cooking for a day

Feeling like a total 菜鸟 while battling in the kitchen for the whole of today. So much more to explore and learn I guess!

Pancakes + scrambled eggs for late afternoon lunch: 

1. Honey tastes weird with pancakes. It's probably time to get a proper maple syrup? 2. I think I... overmixed the batter (that's probably why they didnt fluffed up as much) hehe oops.  3. Apple cinnamon pancakes tastes good whoohoo. 
Lovely fluffy pancakes wait for me +v+
And then there's dinner:
Stir-fried some vegetables and tried to make kung pao chicken over there. It's not as bad at least!