JB Adventure

And so.......... 

it all started out with this impromptu little dessert yesterday night after the horrendous BTT

Shuting, Jas and I had this little chitchat session over Milk & Honey's signature yoghurt parfait Royal Honey ($8.80). We talked from about anything to everything and then, shuting casually asked if we were free tomorrow and wanted to join her and her mum to Johor Bahru (JB). We casually said yes, and so, off we went!

On a rainy Saturday morning, we caught the Singapore-Johore Express at Beach Rd for cheapcheap $3 and were at Causeway Link in no time! Skipped and cut the queue to hop on bus 160/170 towards Johor checkpoint. The crazy 1pm queue had us waiting for a good 45 minutes before we were all stamped and clear to roam around JB!

1. Komtar and City Square to fill up our bottomless stomach
- Komtar is a new mall that sees more commercialised brands, has Auntie Anne's, an angry birds activity park and reasonably clean toilets.
- City Square has got looooads of little snacks shops here and there (with the likes of traditional kuehs/crepes/bubbletea/taiwanstreetsnacks/kuihbahulu/dimsum/etc.), fanciful restaurants, hypermarts, fashion stores and dirty toilets. Seems like a good place to pick up cheap and nice food to snack on and to stock up household goodies (like more green tea bags/green tea latte)! Oh and to have a fine dining restaurant experience at a slightly cheaper price, leaving you pleased for splurging less money for an equal amount of satisfaction.

(Took a taxi from the teksi zone outside johor checkpoint and headed to the beauty parlour! The teksi system was pretty cool: you tell the counter where you wanna go to (good to have the exact address written), they'd have a fixed price for whichever your destination is at for different zones or areas, you pay that fixed price, pass it to the managing uncle, wait for him to select a teksi driver who's familiar with where you wanna go to (preferably pick a chinese driver for better communication), and you're off!)

2.  Razon Hair Beauty Salon to dye my hair 
79, Jalan Bentara 1, Taman Ungku Aminah, Skudai, 81300
- Couldn't dye the red-purple I wanted to 'cause I got convinced that it'd turn out an ugly dull as my hair was too black to begin with, so I got copper red and am kind of regretting it right now.
- Had to apply the dye twice 'cause the dye wasn't getting to my hair (ouch can you hear my hair screaming :<)
- Spent a total of 3 solid hours for just dying and washing and blowdrying hair... thanks friends for waiting!
- Got a discounted price S$56 'cause of pulled strings (but it wasn't really much cheaper still)

  3. Sutera shopping mall
1, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300
 - Otaku house/Clean toilets
- Probably has a lot of stores to shop around in, but we were hungry and there wasn't much food stores so we didn't bother exploring at all.

4. Blackball dessert
Tried A4 QQ Soya Ice Delight (@ RM 7.30)

5. Dinner at Thai Boat Noodle
 - Each small bowl at RM 1.90 had a single-mouth serving portion (with a cute litte meatball).
- There were 3 types of noodles (glassnoodle/kwayteow/beehoon), either served dry or with soup, so each of us had all 6 variations. I liked the dry one better 'cause that's where you can gobble up all the delicious peanut crunch and not lose it in the soup! Kwayteow > Glass noodle > Bee Hoon.


5. Matcha latte w/ double shots @ Grazia Cafe
80, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama,81300 
- Tea-lover me had to stop by the pretty cafes down the street (I saw tealicious and really wanted to go get a cup of tea but we stopped by Grazia Cafe prior and I bought here instead)
- Cafe decor were super pretty and dreamy! They do sell pretty postcards (which I bought 6 for RM10)/ tin cans/ pretty-looking stuff.
- Ordered a matcha latte in a takeaway cup, but the barista came up to me saying that a takeaway cup is much bigger than normally served, so a double shot would do it better justice. I was really puzzled as to why a matcha (tea) latte would need any espresso shots but I went ahead with her suggestions nonetheless. Paid around RM 12 (S$4.80, super affordable!), got it, drank it and realised.... they only add a little matcha flavouring to a double shot latte. It felt like I was just drinking a strong bold, bitter latte that had carried a little matcha taste. It was indeed a little weird haha.

 After it all, it was around 10+ pm and decided that we'd call it a day!  

We stood by the road, hailed a taxi, negotiated a price reasonable for us both (kinda must know how much it costs to get to where you are so that they wouldn't scam you) and were driven back safely to Johor checkpoint! 

And then the reverse flow occured: stamp stamp passport at the checkpoint, bus 160/170 back to woodlands checkpoint and express bus back to Beach Rd!

Woohooo what an adventure out of this little red dot today! Way much more to explore!