Solitary Friday

The best time to work in the kitchen is when nobody else is home. Because having only you alone at home means that no one would barge in and disturb you on your little sacred peace, no one would ask you to tone down the speaker volume nor your singing, no one would scold you if you made a mistake or two, no one would question you what you are doing, no one would take away your fan, no one would mess up the sink area, or simply put, there's complete dominance over everything. 

I had all the time in the world today to slowly and peacefully work my way around things! So I made myself some molten lava cake...

* Taste was good but need a better control of baking time!

And avocado(-sauced) poached eggy on toast for my brunch:

Avocado green is pretty, isn't it!

*Mr. poached egg failed again cause I accidentally poked the egg yolk while scooping it out oh well. Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect.
* Avocado + lemon juice is some simple goodness with toast, yum yum!