Too attached

Just another week more to go before the kids are all promoted to their next class. Totally don't want it to happen :'( cause that means they would change teacher/assistantteacher/classroom..... everything. It's so sad to think how I would be forgotten soon sigh. 
It's truly been an amazing journey, from the time I first came in in February till right now. Recently coming back to work after a 2 months' hiatus (cause of academic), I really could witnessed how much all the kids have grown. From being able to take out their own milkbottles/bottles/commbook in the morning, to ditching the diapers and being able to inform when they need to go, to being totally capable of eating without help and making a huge mess, to being able to take off and wear on their clothes independently and being conversational. 

Wow, just wow. Kids are amazing. The speed at which they pick up things leaves me dumbfounded daily. 

Trying my hardest not to be biased, but really, rx has got most of my attention hehe. I still do remember the first day he came into the class when I had just started helping out at Zhang laoshi's class. That fateful day, he came in with his little trusty blankkie in his hands, crying and just repeated 'mama' again and again. He would stare and point at the door, and would even come and tap my leg, hinting me to open the door to get his mama. I don't know why but I just found him really cute (and smells really really good, those baby smell) when he came in, so I kind of paid extra attention to him (oops that marked the start of this exclusive treatment). To calm him down, I would place my hands on his little red cheeks, just placing my thumbs on the top of his nose bridge, right between the brows, while saying 'okokok shh'. Then he'd stop crying for his mum, slow down his breathing and just stare at me with those welled up tears. Slowly but surely, he cried less and less as time passed. No longer a cry baby, he was a cute little angel who would smile at you every time there's an eye contact. I would get a kiss on my cheeks daily from him and just melt right there. He was the one to get the privilege of drinking his milk on my lap (because he drinks too slowly otherwise too). The way he enunciates words so poorly, like saying 'mano' instead of 'meiyou' and 'laosi' instead of 'laoshi' amuses me everyday. [And then I left for study and then only went back a couple of times until now] Now, he's a total blabber/machinegun. He speaks non-stop. Like he asks me loads of questions, telling me about all sorts of stuff, being able to complain and explain the entire incident when his friends hit him. (And then I heard from Zhang laoshi that he kept asking '姐姐在哪?' over and over again at times when I had to leave the classroom.) He became a little whiny (maybe more than a little) and sticky as he would come and bear-hug my thighs every few minutes, sometimes go 'jiejieeeeeeeeee' and give me that sweet smile while he pulls my legs or hands, making those really whiny 'ennn' when I kind of push him away (and sometimes gives me a choking koala hug that renders me unable to work). He also became a little possesive as he would come and squeeze and try to get some love when other kids sit on my lap/hug my back/tries to get on for a ride. Oh how my heart melts when he says 'I want jiejie, I like jiejie, oh! I sit on my jiejie's lap'. Damn.. little baby making my heart melt every moment but it's real sad that I would be the only one remembering these moments cause why would a 2 year-old remember who was in his prenursery life.
 I just wanna indulge in this moment forever..... ahhhh time please pass by slower will you? 

Oh no help, I've dived in too deep in this.