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Tiong Bahru Cafes

Explored the whole of tiong bahru estate's cafes today with dear uma! (One final meet up before she flies back to Melbourne and not being able to see her for the next couple of months.) 
We had brunch at flock cafe before heading down to explore all the other cafes!

Eggs sally ($15.90) on the right for me and Scrambled eggs & croissant w/ crispy bacon ($14.90) on the left for umami! Mine taste pretty good but was really too much for one to finish.

 We were bloated at the end of the entire meal and regretted not sharing -- 'cause we did not have any more space in our tummies to enjoy all the delicious cakes/tarts/pastries/ice-cream that were before us at the other cafes :(
Here's featuring uma's newly chopped hair!

(we forgot to take a decent picture of us together the whole day so yeah here's us at the mrt station!)

Tay Day

Today's a day with grandpa Tay! 
1. Crocodile warehouse sale (where the evil sister jen pinched me so hard on my left arm that a blueblack appeared almost immediately and induced tears that fell on their own)
2. Punggol water way

I actually can't believe that such image could be taken with the dearest samsung galaxy s3 but yup, we came across loads of lovely water lilies, like this violet one above! Although we did see beautiful fauna and all but, we were all disappointed for not being able to see the rumoured otters that often comes up the river bank :(

3. Chinatown


Had a first go at baking banana bread today. Thought it'd be good like how mum strongly approved of it but nopez, dad had to enter and... life.

January's blessings

This week was a crazy week of planning birthdays -- this is what happens when 2 really good friends of yours have birthdays just 2 days apart!

I remember back in secondary school, how we made birthdays super grand: like personally baking cakes/cookies, taking great effort in making personalised birthday cards, planning huge surprises and racking our brains to get really great gifts that we know the birthday girl wants. Oh those days.... Planning a celebration is really not easy ugh.

Although we've all grown out of the crazy birthday hypes, I'm glad we all still stuck by with each other each birthday. It's like a annual ritual to remind ourselves that no matter how far off we drift hazily in days to come, we'll always be there. It's like an unspoken promise we all secretly devote to for each other in our hearts. (oooh cheesy)

First up was Pammy's! A simple gathering at her house, featuring pig-out feast with pizzas, potato salad and oreo cheescake.
Up next was …

Sisters' last refuge

Tomorrow's the start of another laborious university life and we're (sister and I) so dreading school... So we've decided to go on to enjoy life and literally have some sweetness before school starts!
We popped by Plain Vanilla Bakery cafe to chomp down some cupcakes! 

And with's back to school!

Nana's 21st

Here's to the first 21st birthday amongst us s12 kids -- Joanna's 21st @ The Sail!
Quirky nautical theme featuring all of us decked in navy blue and/or white while the birthday girl herself stood out gloriously with her elegant flowy halter wine-red dress!
(All of us came together and gave her a damn sexy black floral nickel board ($200)! Looking at the board really makes one look green with envious, wish I could own it too haha)

Tackling the 2015 monster

These few days since the new year started, was pretty hazy and hollow for me. Didn't really knew what to do except waking to the sad fact that I can't see my babies anymore, so I just mopped around playing sims 4 on my brother's laptop. And then I got really reeled into it because it's first time that I am not playing with any cheatcodes so I have been diligently sending them to work/ getting them enough sleep and fulfilling their other simology needs/ building my house one step at a time, starting from the basic essentials of living, to all those skill-required furnitures and now to slowly making it into a luxurious dream house. But today, I woke up to seeing no laptop resting on my brother's laptop stand, so it means, there's no sims 4 today for me. The dream house has to wait.
Yeah anyway, it's a new year and so....... have got some definite goals set for myself to achieve, and some goals that are just hanging in the air. Time to be really honest with my…