January's blessings

This week was a crazy week of planning birthdays -- this is what happens when 2 really good friends of yours have birthdays just 2 days apart!

I remember back in secondary school, how we made birthdays super grand: like personally baking cakes/cookies, taking great effort in making personalised birthday cards, planning huge surprises and racking our brains to get really great gifts that we know the birthday girl wants. Oh those days.... Planning a celebration is really not easy ugh.

Although we've all grown out of the crazy birthday hypes, I'm glad we all still stuck by with each other each birthday. It's like a annual ritual to remind ourselves that no matter how far off we drift hazily in days to come, we'll always be there. It's like an unspoken promise we all secretly devote to for each other in our hearts. (oooh cheesy)

First up was Pammy's! A simple gathering at her house, featuring pig-out feast with pizzas, potato salad and oreo cheescake.

Up next was Shuting's, a (failed) surprise party at her house, followed by a chill midnight session along east coast while we gulped down some cupnoodles!