Tackling the 2015 monster

These few days since the new year started, was pretty hazy and hollow for me. Didn't really knew what to do except waking to the sad fact that I can't see my babies anymore, so I just mopped around playing sims 4 on my brother's laptop. And then I got really reeled into it because it's first time that I am not playing with any cheatcodes so I have been diligently sending them to work/ getting them enough sleep and fulfilling their other simology needs/ building my house one step at a time, starting from the basic essentials of living, to all those skill-required furnitures and now to slowly making it into a luxurious dream house. But today, I woke up to seeing no laptop resting on my brother's laptop stand, so it means, there's no sims 4 today for me. The dream house has to wait.

Yeah anyway, it's a new year and so....... have got some definite goals set for myself to achieve, and some goals that are just hanging in the air. Time to be really honest with myself, I really gotta start thinking where to go after this. There are at times when I do question myself why I am taking life science major in NUS, when I had in fact no interest of being a lab-bound researcher or assistant (when I so hate using the microscope and doing lab work) nor a teacher. I feel like a really lost sheep being shepherded by the overwhelming shepherd called society. Jc is better than poly they say, and so I went into a Jc. Get a degree above all else they say, and so here I am. But... I am still lost. Ugh I know this can just go on forever and ever so.. I guess it's better to start (/try) excelling  and giving myself more options to choose from.