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Skating day

Hi. So today, while tung is finally back, our 'skating paradise' group has revived! Like the good old times, we went to East Coast to skate on a blazing hot afternoon (which gave me 2 badly burned shoulders). We battled the hot sun while skating from the underpass to the Extreme skate park (in hopes of playing around the slides a little and make ourselves feel like a pro, but no, it was crowded as expected and we just sat there admiring others) and skated back to where we started! 'Twas a long journey but it was a fun ride whee.
Doesn't this feel like a poster from 那些年?

No More Avocado

Today I've learnt it the hard way that one should probably skip eating avocado when you're lacking sleep. (They say avocado has high tyramine content and is a headache-trigger food)
Maybe it's just my body unable to accept the fact that I woke up at a rare 7+ am ever since eons ago, so having slept more than 5hours of sleep still made me sleep-deprived. (Was up to send melly off! Good bye again my friend, till another god-knows-how-many-months.) 
So apparently, I decided to cook me some healthy lunch while adding one entire avocado. While preparing lunch, my vision kind of blurred, I saw blinding lights and I was thrown into a lost state. This usually happens to me when I really lack sleep or is a symptom for impending headache. I should have chosen to stop cooking then and sleep right through but because I was hungry, I didn't. I made it through the entire cooking process and then gulped all of it down. No more later, the killer headache struck me and I was left real…

Social Visits

Today's a day of social visits for SW1101E!  (SINDA Family Service Centre & Samaritans of Singapore)
Initially I was pretty upset about having to go alone, and the idea of possibly travelling/eating alone while on the way to my 2nd destination really deterred me (I already packed myself an apple and an orange in fear of having to eat alone). But hold and behold, I met two really nice people (Loy & Denise) whom I travelled and ate with (yay)! 
After our visit at SINDA FSC, we walked around the area in search for food before heading to SOS. I blurted out 'Chye Seng Huat Hardware' cause it was just on the google maps and off we went! It felt really cool being so spontaneous in pretending to be a bunch of hipsters while chatting casually with my newfound friends.
Earl grey cheesecake topped with lemon curd ($6) and Passionfruit tart ($7).
My stomach wasn't rumbling, so the words 'Earl Grey' displayed in the counter won me over. I can't help it, it was …

Adventurous Day

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -- Hellen Keller
In a week of 7 days/ 168 hours/ 10,080 minutes/ 604,800 second, we are on a mission to stretch its limit whoohoo! Having long distance relationship with 2 of your best bud is no kidding really :'(
1. Brunch @ Drury Lane
 Having the four of us housed in a little cafe that's all too unfamiliar and foreign, it felt like we're back to the days in Melbourne, cafe-hopping that fateful morning. Dem feels :') With the right company, everything else just seems to fall in place.

(Check out all those bacons on the Bacon-infused Pancake and the Big 94 woah)
I had chicken avocado sandwich ($9) but... it was all dry and really pathetic. And where is that highly raved about minty yoghurt sauce? :'(

2. 3 of us went ahead with something I blurted out on, not entirely sure that they would wanna join me in the adventure. Well, I guess birds of the same feathers really do flock together! We all had that sparkle in…

Chinese New Year

All hail to CNY for providing an excuse for pigging out (really really am guilty for eating so much but I can't stop, help) and to take endless selfies and not look weird! 

It's been really good just thinking about how long of a break we're having -- cny break + recess week. Having that recess week certainly puts me at ease to slack all I can and want to during this festive season! (Actually it's not like I study much, but it just kind of lessens the guilt.) 

Just some pictures over this mehmeh season:
DAY 1 

here's to commemorate how I think of yitung every time 'yi tong' appears on the mahjong table. (and also ft. my not so lucky & pretty tiles) 

DAY 2  *le sister got a pretty deep cut this afternoon from dropping her porcelain plate, for which its sharp edge jabbed her right foot. Had a blast of a time freaking out hahaha

 my hand shook nouuuuu. Except for the fact that we were taking it in front of all the altars,  I think the Yukes look pretty endea…