Adventurous Day

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." 

    -- Hellen Keller

In a week of 7 days/ 168 hours/ 10,080 minutes/ 604,800 second, we are on a mission to stretch its limit whoohoo! Having long distance relationship with 2 of your best bud is no kidding really :'(

1. Brunch @ Drury Lane

 Having the four of us housed in a little cafe that's all too unfamiliar and foreign, it felt like we're back to the days in Melbourne, cafe-hopping that fateful morning. Dem feels :') With the right company, everything else just seems to fall in place.

(Check out all those bacons on the Bacon-infused Pancake and the Big 94 woah)

I had chicken avocado sandwich ($9) but... it was all dry and really pathetic. And where is that highly raved about minty yoghurt sauce? :'(

2. 3 of us went ahead with something I blurted out on, not entirely sure that they would wanna join me in the adventure. Well, I guess birds of the same feathers really do flock together! We all had that sparkle in our eyes when we decided to go for our virgin Pulau Ubin trip! 

No setbacks ain't gonna stop us. (WE STOP AT NOTHING)
Not when we were running late from dilly-dallying at the cafe and buying random snacks here and there. 
Not when we had to flag a cab from Tanah Merah Mrt to Changi Point Ferry Terminal 'cause bus 2 seriously takes too long to reach (additional $10 but for all the sweet talking with the kind taxi driver, we saved ourselves $1, YES). 
Not when the officer on duty deterred us by saying there will be no one here at 4pm to ride the bum boat with us. Just us three alone on a fateful and lonely week day.
Not when the uncle robbed us broad daylight for charging us $5 for 5 of us (w/ 2 pretty thai ladies!)
Not when we were told that we had to head back around an hour and a half later on, or risk undertaking the full sum of $30 for taking the entire bumboat.
Not when the coconut was on sale for a high $4.

An adventure needs no price tag and calculation (worry later when you've had your fill of fun) and so off we went!

Here's the evilest bumboat uncle you can ever meet. 

Tung and her angsana seeds (like back in SAJC when she always do stop and collect them)
I think this looks better filtered hehehe

To more travels!