Chinese New Year

All hail to CNY for providing an excuse for pigging out (really really am guilty for eating so much but I can't stop, help) and to take endless selfies and not look weird! 

It's been really good just thinking about how long of a break we're having -- cny break + recess week. Having that recess week certainly puts me at ease to slack all I can and want to during this festive season! (Actually it's not like I study much, but it just kind of lessens the guilt.) 

Just some pictures over this mehmeh season:

DAY 1 

here's to commemorate how I think of yitung every time 'yi tong' appears on the mahjong table. (and also ft. my not so lucky & pretty tiles) 

DAY 2 
*le sister got a pretty deep cut this afternoon from dropping her porcelain plate, for which its sharp edge jabbed her right foot. Had a blast of a time freaking out hahaha

 my hand shook nouuuuu. Except for the fact that we were taking it in front of all the altars,  I think the Yukes look pretty endearing here ^^

Ladies in the house! 

I thought this would make a cute family photo but then again, MAYBE NOT HAHA

That's all to Chinese new year!