Little night out

Met up with dearest banana & company tonight because she's back for a short 2 weeks break!

Had these sinful currywurst @ Mr. Berlin for dinner when I was actually on this emergency workout and diet battle plan till cny arrives....  My friends peer-pressured me into breaking it tonight D': #badfriendsihave

Chicken currywurst with spiciness at its lowest of 'Berlin calling' , with a side of farmer's organic german bread roll ($10.90)

Feels like time really passes by so quickly. It seems just like yesterday when we sent her off at the airport, and now, she's back after 4 months of studying over there! Hearing all her amazing experiences living abroad and starting her adventurous life in a totally unfamiliar setting really throws myself into another lost state. All over again.  Why am I studying life sciences here again. 
Sometimes I wish I had an answer.

*on a side note: I went gymming  yesterday for the first time in my 19+ years! On top of that,  I went in alone (wawa)! It was really pretty scary to even step in, thinking about how awkward it'd be to enter 'cause I'm a total gym noob. But well, I figured that sometimes in life, things are just awkward and uncomfortable' 'cause of your blinding thoughts. Like who cares if a random girl enters a gym?! Time to be more bold, more bold.