No More Avocado

Today I've learnt it the hard way that one should probably skip eating avocado when you're lacking sleep. (They say avocado has high tyramine content and is a headache-trigger food)

Maybe it's just my body unable to accept the fact that I woke up at a rare 7+ am ever since eons ago, so having slept more than 5hours of sleep still made me sleep-deprived. (Was up to send melly off! Good bye again my friend, till another god-knows-how-many-months.) 

So apparently, I decided to cook me some healthy lunch while adding one entire avocado. While preparing lunch, my vision kind of blurred, I saw blinding lights and I was thrown into a lost state. This usually happens to me when I really lack sleep or is a symptom for impending headache. I should have chosen to stop cooking then and sleep right through but because I was hungry, I didn't. I made it through the entire cooking process and then gulped all of it down. No more later, the killer headache struck me and I was left really really nauseous. The headache felt as if someone hit me hard in the back of my head, repeatedly. And no matter how hard I tried to hit my head in an attempt to fight fire with fire, it just doesn't go away. Only felt much better after puking twice........

Someone please do me a favour and claim the remaining two avocado from me.