Penny Travel

Today I met up with some old primary school friends!

It all started out because of phyllis' birthday, when I wished her happy birthday and said that we should really meet up after not seeing each other for like.. since secondary school days? I guess 3 years of not seeing each other made us really steady about meeting up and all. So it really did happened today and we had lunch  (more like a high tea for me cause all I ordered was desserts really) at Manhanttan Fish Market.

And......... I found out that really, even after drifting apart in those last 2 years of secondary school and no contact during the entire 2 years of jc, everything's still the way it is. The bubbly/lazy/gullible/funny phyllis was still there. Everything felt unchanged and there was this sense of familiarity whenever I talked to her and it felt really comfortable in a way :') WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Yeah anyway, I came home and not wanting to do anything mentally taxing, I decided to go for a skate while bringing dear cammy along! The entire skate was brilliant :>

 Saw another random skater and took a snap hurriedly before she zoomed off

 There's always light at the end of the tunnel?

 Was taking that previous emo dark shot when she zoomed past again! No time to flip up to a good/ right setting. I blame my noob skills :(

 being my own model just 'cause I thought it'd be nice.... ha ah ha ha

 Doggy 1 and 2 

 Active little doggy who couldn't stop licking my hand (I think I am slowly overcoming my fear of being bitten 'cause I just rendered my hand to her own devices)

 Doggy 3, Xiao Bai

( I started pointing cammy at this little doggy from some distance, and then the nice uncle called out to me and asked if I wanted to touch xiaobai! THANK YOU NICE UNCLE)

Doggy 4, Paris/Italy/Spain/Portugal/Europe

(Justin the ass didn't give me the chance to touch her)