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While going for another round of boring lab session, these rainbow-coloured eppendorf tubes somehow makes the experiment a little more bearable!

 *Today I tried waving at my lab partner again (after all 4 practicals and having asked her on the last pract. if she would recognise me elsewhere -- she said yes, definitely) and, I got the same response from after the first time we met :'(

Packet of sunshine

Receiving these feels like I've just received a packet of sunshine packed and sealed in words, along with a bonus bag of tea! Thank you thank you :') 

And now, what colour should mine be?


We're the mitchy-matchy trios!  (Check out qiao and I's stripey top + viv and qiao's flora pants + viv and I's black sandals)


Life's been pretty busy these days because 1. I am lagging in almost every mod and am trying to catch up (but efficiency level is at minimal zero, help) 2. There's so many reports and essays to hand in - just this week there is gem essay on current clean energy technology and ways for individual efforts (what) + 1102 report 2 + SW1101E 5000 words report due for submission!
Sigh, I wish I could just escape all of these and travel around the world instead too.

But well, among these busy days, I am glad that I still forked out time to go for a mangrove field trip with Terraminds on Sunday!

It was really amazing seeing how kids at such age are being exposed to nature field trip (like in our biodiversity field trips) and are genuinely interested in learning more! They'd ask you a million different questions, simple or difficult ones, that makes me think and search for the answers too. Ah the gift of curiousity. Instead of them being on the receiving end, I felt like I am the on…

Yuyue's 21st

A little heart of memories captured in still-frame draped across the wall. Through the pictures it seems, that all are present in spirit to celebrate the joyful occasion. This little heart is not alone, for around it, rainbow sticks glowed through the dark. This illumination seems a perfect analogy to symbolise just how much excitement and joy are pouring out from the bottom of our hearts. The room cozy, set further by the company of dashes of bright silver and ocean blue. What's a party without latex of heliums that screams excitement? Knowing how there's a child in you like in me, I know for sure, they make you sparkle.With a rushed hush, and caged excitement, we popped those party guns, we sang that happy tune of birth, we hugged, we smiled, we celebrated. Happy 21st birthday my dear friend! :)
The making of the heart-shaped collage


Today marks the first day of #thursdaywegym (or actually currently just running on the treadmill) together with Qiao and Viv! Ever since from last semester, Qiao and I had been saying that we should exercise together and have planned several times to go for an actual run but, our plans all blew off somehow. So this semester, we finally put our determination down into realising it and here we are. It felt really good exercising out together so yes, to more #thursdaywegym to come!

'Till next time

Who knew that a short one week could bring in so much fun and happiness?