Yuyue's 21st

A little heart of memories captured in still-frame draped across the wall. Through the pictures it seems, that all are present in spirit to celebrate the joyful occasion. This little heart is not alone, for around it, rainbow sticks glowed through the dark. This illumination seems a perfect analogy to symbolise just how much excitement and joy are pouring out from the bottom of our hearts. The room cozy, set further by the company of dashes of bright silver and ocean blue. What's a party without latex of heliums that screams excitement? Knowing how there's a child in you like in me, I know for sure, they make you sparkle.With a rushed hush, and caged excitement, we popped those party guns, we sang that happy tune of birth, we hugged, we smiled, we celebrated. Happy 21st birthday my dear friend! :)

The making of the heart-shaped collage