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Saturday morning

This morning I crawled out of bed exceptionally early. The clock read fourty plus minutes into eight when I saw mummy busy preparing breakfast for us. It was pretty rare for her to be still around as her usual Saturday routine was to leave house for work by 7. Didn't really know what to do with life so early in the morning, so I just stuck around mum the entire morning, from doing household chores of folding of sun-dried laundry and then putting out newly washed laundry, to tending to the plants (dear cactus pricked both mum and I while mum wanted to change them into a bigger pot for better growth) and to having some dimsum together for breakfast. Somehow, in some way, it felt really warm. It's like I've never ever had a proper time at getting to know mum (other than times when she is complaining and nagging) and how she finds little joy (like from seeing how her plants eventually grow under her nurture). I am thankful for these little moments and I'm glad I woke up s…


Pretty little flowers makes the world go round :) 

Choco banana

Best pocky ever yumyum!