Across a bridge

What's for dinner tonight? A cup of piping hot, freshly-brewed earl grey tea with a little cranberry earl grey scone! No proper meal for me tonight because I've practically glutton-ed my way through the entire day. While I promised myself that I would start exercising and working out more often soon, today was an exception for my sister and I went overseas! Well, more like just across a bridge to JB (and only around city square and komtar), but it was still considered being overseas for having that little passport book stamped. Being 'overseas' meant that there was no restrain to spend on all the foreign money notes that you've exchanged and just BUY THEM ALL, WHATEVER YOU WANT. And also, being rebellious and not telling dad about our little trip across the bridge (for fear that he thwarts all plans) adds on to the excitement! Okay, there wasn't nothing really exciting that happened to us because we practically just stayed in these 2 malls the entire day. Let's just treat today as a little recce session before we venture out to explore more! I'm so wanting to do a cafe-hopping experience around the little quaint and hidden away cafes all over JB.

So this is how today went: We boarded the Causeway Link express bus at Queen St. Terminal around 10:30am. 

Getting to JB from Queen Street terminal:

There are actually 3 bus services available: Causeway link express (CW bus, or the yellow bus), Singapore-Johore Express (SJE) and SBS bus 170. The former two provides the same services of carrying people from Queen St. bus terminal directly to Woodlands checkpoint, at the same price of SGD 3.30. Yellow bus ticket could be payed for via both cash and ez-link while SJE is strictly via cash payment; yellow bus ticketing officer was way more friendly than SJE's one (who was really sarcastic and nasty). I guess taking either buses are fine so it doesn't matter which to take. Just take whichever bus that arrives first or has the most number of passengers at the current point of time, so that they can take off earlier. As for the SBS bus, it stops at every other bus stops like a regular bus duh, so it definitely takes a longer time as compared to the prior two, but I'm guessing people still do take this as it is definitely cheaper with adult fare of $1.90. (Especially for those above 60 and their senior citizen transport fare... it's a steal at just a mere $0.90 woah) The con is that it takes estimated 75mins over 63 stops to reach the eventual destination while the 2 other carriers probably would take just a short 30mins ride during off-peak hours.

After alighting from the yellow bus, we merely followed the crowd, rushed along with them (no idea why they were rushing so badly but well, just follow suit and BLEND IN) and headed to clear the immigration checkpoint to be out of Singapore! For us, on a lovely thursday morning, there was no queue at all and we zoomed past it within minutes. We then followed the crowd once again, went to the bus bay (at the most right lane for Causeway-link express; I think this was the fastest lane out of all for having higher bus frequency. All hail yellow bus!) and hopped onto our mighty yellow bus again. A little morning jam for around 10-15mins, then off to get that cute little chop at Malaysia's checkpoint and we were all clear to go!

The day then saw us exploring the entirety of komtar first, followed by city square mall. While we didn't want to stay out too late (to avoid dad's suspicion), we decided to forgo any chances of movie and singing. They were really much cheaper though! Movies were priced at RM 13 on Mon/Tue/Thur, RM 11 for Wednesday's movie special, RM 18 for Fri/Sat, RM15 for Sun, all at standard price. The cinema was another of Cathay cineplexes, and had new movies available on screen, with likes of Pitch Perfect 2/ San Andreas/ Helios etc.

Singing likewise, was pretty much cheaper too!
Here's just a picture of rates for further reference.

Uh huh, but since we couldn't fit them both in and shopping (clothes and sorts) wasn't comparably much cheaper, we stuffed ourselves with food the entire day! Firstly, this is me picking up whatever earl grey lucky find I got my hands to at Lavender bakery, lot J2-36. Seeing those earl grey bakes really gets me so excited hehe, such rare finds!

 Yeah this was what I ate when I started typing all these for no reason at all, and figured that... there was no earl grey taste at all. How could they cheat my feelings of having a hint of earl grey in it? Sobz

And then, still prancing around Lavender bakery - macarons!
Of course I picked up an earl grey macaron for RM 4.20! This macaron was pretty good for it had enough earl grey kick in the filling and yet ain't that sweet for its shells. Although it was rather unusual to have such thick fillings/ macaron was pretty unsightly, I loved it 'cause it was bursting with earl grey flavour WHEEEEE.

*Delifrance has cheaper macarons at RM 3.90 which actually looked more dazzling and appealing but they didn't have any of those earl grey babies!

Lunch was at Sushi King (@ B2), with chawanmushi and additional single scoop matcha ice-cream that were not in shot. All these totaled up to round RM 50, after the service charge and 6% GST. Sad to say, it only served to satisfy our hunger but not palate and expectations sobz. We walked around after dining and really regretted our food choice. For our next visit, Bornga korean restaurant would definitely be the next must-try place! Those mouth-watering korean dishes slurpz.

And here's Banana Toffee Mcflurry at RM5.30, served in cute minions' cup! It ain't cheap at all but I thought I'd try since it's a rarity to stumble upon. As it turns out, the toffee and banana was served in the form of syrup drizzle over a dollop of vanilla ice-cream, sprinkled with lifesaving crunch cereals. The toffee was really sweet and the banana flavouring was so artificial, and adding on to the fact that I ate this on a completely full stomach, I had to force this down my throat. Well, I'm kinda glad that Singapore doesn't serve this.

And here's the lady who hates, hated and still is hating banana but was willing to try this banana ice-cream with me! (In fact, she actually pushed me to getting it when I was deciding to give it a pass)

A few more rounds of derping round, buying unnecessary items off the shelves and getting that secret recipe cake, we got bored and came back to the sunny island! The bus back was wayyyyy cheaper at RM 3.40. Yeap we took causeway link bus back again, out of the 3 bus services. *While at the bus bay, it's better to open your eyes and search for the bus which you wanna board! Initially we blindly followed the crowd and almost hopped on the SBS bus, that could have cost us the whole night to get back home.. seriously, considering getting caught in the peak hour and tripping over 63 bus stops. Good thing we did not and went back to taking the yellow bus! Just ask the driver which bus was heading back to Queen st. terminal pay the exact amount in cash (with no change to be given) be fetched back quickly to Singapore's checkpoint → alight, follow the crowd again (at the bus bay) resume taking the CW2 bus lane board for just a 30min journey back!

Uh huh, and that's all that was for the first JB recce. More to come! :D