Adventure Cove

Summer is here! That means a 3 months break from nasty old studying which was so torturous and restraining yesyesyes.

Here's adventure cove trip today:
We started the day off with some lovely yakun toast, which I guess was my 3rd toast of the week ever since the toast craving started while studying at YIH toastbox before papers commenced. The rain fortunately dwindled after breakfast and so we began our water themepark adventure! It was good reaching so early (1015am) because there was basically no sun and no queue everywhere. By a little past 12 noon, we had completed almost all the rides, done some snorkeling at the Rainbow reef, lazed around the Adventure River and had dived off the 'cliff' at splashworks. There wasn't thrilling rides like in Wet&Wild in Gold Coast but I guess the good company made up for it! Twas' a good day.