It's holidays!

Holiday is only holiday when you screw up your body clock, so badly. I pulled an all nighter and dayter, to watch my kdrama 'healer' at the speed of light -- 17 episodes in one go,  and then getting some errands done in the afternoon. Finally went to sleep from 5 to 10pm, before waking to continue the last 3 episodes late at midnight. After staring straight at the brightly lit lcd screen to 3 odd hours,  I went back to sleep again, waking up at 9am to catch some breakkie with friends! It's been really tiring but it feels good knowing I don't have to make time to study and spend every hour wisely.  Yes. Holiday is meant to be wasted, to feel wasted, until you feel poor and meaningless, and then it's off to work!

Anyway speaking about my drama,  though the first 10 episodes was kind of confusing (because they are slowly revealing the story but it was really confusing) and the ending was really abrupt/didn't explain a lot of factors/was disappointing, it was still worth it all for the male lead actor. HEHEHE, healer guy daebak! 

You know concession and transport is beyond expensive when you choose to run/walk/bike over that little train/bus ride. But when there's only stairs to get across to your destination..... That's a different story all together. 

Met up with Korea trip buddies today over breakfast at Backstage Cafe! I was pretty sad that they didn't have pancakes anymore on the menu but this waffle  ($8) was really good too! But yeah it feels good just meeting and talking about anything and everything like back in those days :')