Carrot cake

From long ago, I've always told myself over and over again to go get my lazy ass out of the house and buy some round pan to attempt baking some cake. For some reason, which I think was largely because of the rainy chilly weather, today was the day! And so I got my round spring pan and started the ball rolling. Yay to my successful first attempt and here's the carrot cake! (yeap, thinking of it since the one at botanic gardens)

The cream cheese frosting was really sloppy I know (I think it might be that I added too little icing sugar but ugh it's already sweet enough to add more.. maybe less butter huh), but hey it's edible at least! That's all that matters yesyes. Now I wouldn't feel like I am forcing my family members to eat something nasty or to just throw them out of the window. #onesecondproudmoment