Botanic Gardens

Off with a trip to the Botanic Gardens today! Though the day didn't flow as smoothly as it should (me waking up late/ underestimated the drizzle and got myself drenched/ missed alighting at the right bus stop/ was precisely on the opposite ends of Botanic Gardens with my friend), the healing power and serenity of nature really makes up for all of it! While walking to meet at the agreed upon place, the 1.1 km walk was really peaceful and calm :')  

We met up at Casa Verda, which was right smack at the middle of Botanic Gardens and chilled over some bites! I had carrot cake ($6) and hot latte ($5), for which the carrot cake was pretty bland (its cream cheese frosting was really bland that I had to scrape it off) while the latte was really awful that I didn't even finish it even though we spent more than 2 hours chilling there. (Dear coffee, I tried to enjoy you but no, you made me feel suffocated and bad for having drank you. So it seems, I think tea is more for me.)

Yeah food was bad but I guess being able to chill there while being surrounded by the sounds of nature and sights of people enjoying nature just makes everything better! Today's a good day, a good day, thank heavens for the chilly and cool weather!