Macaron: 1st attempt

Out of all bakes to try out, today I decided to give macaron a go just because! Yes I know that baking a good macaron is really hard but hey, I think that's what motivated me (aside from all those pretty dreamy pictures). If all those experienced bakers have all failed at making a good one out of it, if I'm just able to make a decent one, it is good enough! To self: don't let the fear hold you back and explore on more bakes!

Here's all my starting ingredients that defy the exact measurements needed (cause I don't have a digital scale in the kitchen sighpie)

50 folds for the dry ingredients

And my pretty blue macarons! Totally happy just by looking at this colour hehe. But yeah they are piped too close to one another + I didn't set them to rest long enough (like 15mins long?!) for the outermost layer to set and harden a little

Here's the first batch of shells: some did crack, some didn't, some stuck to the baking paper

hey look there's signs of the foot, minimal but it's still there!
A range of 13mins (those pretty light blue ones but are more sticky), 15mins (those blue-green ones that are more optimal but I guess the dye wasn't that heat-resistant/it was too hot so the dye browned), 18mins (totally overbaked 'cause I didn't pay attention oops)

The end product with hershey's chocolate ganache, with supposed-to-be-there subtle earlgrey flavour that were thrown into the warmed cream!

Well, it's bad but not that bad I guess? It is edible at least :D