Today marks the day when I finally got the important piece to the puzzle I've been putting together for long. The answer to the long-time unexplained mystery.

Having cleared that grey area and seeing clearly how all things finally falls into place, kind of makes one feel a pinch of regret and pity. The cost of just a moment of blunder or overlook is immeasurable. Sure do hope time reverts and some things could be changed but oh well, it's no longer time for hope, it is courage that we need. Courage to face the reality and move on. It's pretty suffocating having these little temporary fleets of small joyous moments, when we all know that it'd sooner or later be gone. Sometimes we all can get just a little senseless -- to hold on to things to let small happiness, and at the same time a little of nastiness, seep through the fissures or to just, let it all go? Sentimental creatures aren't we..

Well, we all have to better learn to train the thoughtless mind,  hold back on the careless tongue and guard our glass heart,  I guess?