Temptations, temptations

For all the times I've walked past twelve cupcakes, I have always wondered: WHY DON'T THEY EVER HAVE AN EARL GREY ONE?! but luck was shining on me today and tadah, I finally got my chance today! (thank god sister bugged to have a cupcake) 

That's one off my to-do-list (to eat all the earlgrey goodies!) But I guess maybe next time I should bake it on my own instead, $3.70 for this – rather tasteless and was simply just sweet, that's all to it is big nono. 

On a side note, it's really hard to force myself back into mugging.. ONE MORE DAY, JUST ONE MORE DAY OF STUDY TOMORROW! For that 3 months of break, this one day is nothing as compared, yes. Time to spend all brain cells worth its 3 months' degeneration and wastage.