TWG Earl Grey fortune

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in a shop that you just lose all control?  Well I just did. All I wanted out of a short dropby was a sweet little macaron, but the moment I entered,  I was so attracted by everything and anything inside! And at last I got myself a scoop of Earl grey fortune ice cream ($5),  only after much restraint from that empty wallet. Sure am hoping that twg hires. 

And here's the earl grey-infused, dark chocolate ice-cream! I thought that the chocolate overpowered the earl grey scent a little too much. I get that earl grey is pretty subtle a taste to capture but it sort of felt like I was having a chocolate ice-cream that had just the slightest touch of earl grey. The ice cream wasn't as smooth and doesn't melt instantaneously lusciously in the mouth either. That being said,  it being an earlgrey-flavoured thing was still awesome! The branding and packaging helped a whole lot though, felt like a worthy five 'cause of its looks.

And now I can't stop thinking and dreaming about all the cookies and macaron and icecream...