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Whoohoo, finally had my first experience at being a senior for scamp! I'd say it's a really good experience throughout, because of all the awesome bunch of people in the team :D It's really weird feeling like a big sister to all the freshies, even though the guys are one year older. I guess the academic year count really matters haha. But well, thank heavens for the incredible senior team too! Loving our camaraderie in doing everything, from lazy slacktos to some sizzling 008 mission uh huh uh huh. The entire preparation and camp itself was really happening and awesome!

Lychee muffin

Here's welcoming muffin tray into the noob baking family yay! Decided to use it and at the same time, save some of the sad lychees hanging round in the fridge. Honestly thought it'd be another round of failed baking but woah it's actually pretty edible hehe. It was a little too sweet cause the lychee itself was really sweet but it's all good!

Marang trail - Old Habits Cafe

Spontaneous nature trip down to Marang trail today with yuyue!
Having climbed that flight of steps till heaving and puffing, the scenic view that greeted us was definitely worth it. What made everything even better was indulging that sumptuous subway at a sweet spot, just watching the changes in the sky colour with sunset, and having that everything-and-anything chat :)

We managed to locate a nearby cafe via google maps and wound up at a really vintage-styled cafe, Old Habits! Being a rather quiet and hidden cafe, there wasn't much people around. What I really liked was that the boss himself personally attended and recommended us some of his cafe's goodies, along with generous heaps of icecream try-outs (hehe)!

Here's the Lemon Lime Float at $5.50. To break it down, it's 7-up topped with delicious lime sorbet and vanilla ice-cream! The lime sorbet was extremely flavourful and the balance is good uhhuh.
And then ever-so-soft brownies coupled with a single scoop of oreo…

Mao Shan Wang

It's pretty common in the tay household to be eating durians, but today's durian eating experience is way different. Only because..... These 3 durians alone cost $200 for being labelled worthy as Mao Shan Wang!
And well, after eating and tasting it, I think that... the normal durians and these durians don't really differ that much except that these durians definitely are more pungent (in a good way). That's why I am gonna stick to eating those cheap durians and not waste such sinful cash! Thank heavens for taste buds that are bad at appreciating good durians. Just imagine if the only durian my taste buds can handle are these durians. But yay, it's one checklist marked off my life's goal!

Singing party

It's always a good time with this bunch! Love our shameless singing from the kbox-high and spontaneity to just drop by any and every place we feel like exploring!
sesame and almond snow ice!
their retardedness captured in a single shot HAHAH

Driving adventure

Today marks my first day of driving!

Passed my ftt in the morning after a long mental and emotional battle. I swear these theory tests are even more intimidating than getting to know your exam results. It's immediate and it's fatal, failing it is like denouncing to the world the level of stupidity there is in you to fail a must-pass-especially-if-you-are-an-undergrad test. Ugh, once bitten twice shy! But well, at least that's all in the past now for having passed those menacing tests!  WHOOHOOOOO

1st lesson today was challenging yet fun. Can't believe I am almost controlling this vehicle when I can't even take on go-karts since forever. The thrill is amazing. Okay now I can't wait for the next lesson to come!

Skratos (prep camp)

3 days of fun with lovely skratos members during scamp prep camp 2015! 
First og picture of the camp! (missing weichen) 
xiaobitchxz X xiaonerdz

And then a reunion with fellow squirts! 
Unplanned couple outfit with the one who has the exact same birthday as mine! We're connected :') 

Sow singlet squad unite! 

Bringing back the squirt spirit uhhuh

Vesak day: KSL trip

Vesak day today and we're off to JB for some family time! Started the day on the verge of being busted by dad as we scanned through my passport together to find the immigration stamp. (Thank heavens it wasn't on the same page.)
Getting from JB Sentral to KSL City Mall:
From the checkpoint, move in the direction towards City Square mall, but upon crossing the travelator, drop off at the escalator to the left. Down all the escalators, you're there at the bus bay with a range of service providers. It's pretty messy and chaotic down at the bus bay with all the shoutings going on, but don't worry, just look out for the bus you want to take. Towards KSL city mall, board either Causeway link's bus S1 or IM17 for RM1.50, all buses are clearly labelled on the top-front area. There are different buses docked at their own respective company bus area, so just keep walking while till it's the right bus. Double check the location the bus is going by the side → hop on …