Vesak day: KSL trip

Vesak day today and we're off to JB for some family time!
Started the day on the verge of being busted by dad as we scanned through my passport together to find the immigration stamp. (Thank heavens it wasn't on the same page.)

Getting from JB Sentral to KSL City Mall:

From the checkpoint, move in the direction towards City Square mall, but upon crossing the travelator, drop off at the escalator to the left. Down all the escalators, you're there at the bus bay with a range of service providers. It's pretty messy and chaotic down at the bus bay with all the shoutings going on, but don't worry, just look out for the bus you want to take. Towards KSL city mall, board either Causeway link's bus S1 or IM17 for RM1.50, all buses are clearly labelled on the top-front area. There are different buses docked at their own respective company bus area, so just keep walking while till it's the right bus. Double check the location the bus is going by the side hop on the bus pay the driver by the exact amount → get the printed ticket → grab a seat → ride for around 15 mins and you're there (KSL city would be hard to miss, if unsure, just follow the crowd)!

Getting breakfast first thing upon reaching KSL city, off to the famous Bak Kut Teh across the street! (Exit the mall from the KFC side)

BKT for 2 (RM20) with mixed add-ons (RM8) + youtiao + salted vege (+RM14 seasame oil chicken that isn't here). The BKT ain't the peppery kind but rather, sweet and tangy, which was pretty nice and worth it! But eating it while bearing the blazing weather was kind of a torture :(

Following breakfast and some shopping, we went for a 3hours singing session at KBOX plus. 5 of us warranted a medium room which was more than big for all of us, which comes with a jug of drink + fried snacks (either hotdog or frenchfries) at RM104! This was membership price, but reasoning that  making membership was only RM15 and that non-members had to pay an hourly RM40, both amounted to be the same cost. So I guess making membership is more reasonable incase of future visits. The sound system and digital interface was really really good and the songs were all pretty updated, so it was pretty worth the price!

And then the highlight: the make-shift Pasar malam, which starts at 4pm! In spite of the rain, the road was cordoned off, vans came streaming in, stalls were being set up and by 5pm, the night market was alive and buzzling with people. Well, although there were a great variety to eat from and that there was long queues everywhere that made the food look like they are worth queuing for, I gotta say that... all the food found here are average-tasting that probably ain't worth queuing/ squeezing and pushing around the crowd for. It's all for the hype and the buzz!

Here's probably the best find around here! Promised piping hot and fresh muahchee that melts in your mouth, bathed in a-little-too-much-but-it's-okay glorious fine peanut powder uhhuh.

Popiah (bad)

Laksa (bad) + chendol (bad)

Rojak (really bad with pathetic youtiaos, oh but there's sliced mangoes x2 slice)

Cakes that we didn't manage to buy home sobz, it looks so good here

Bro with sugarcane juice (bad)

Cup of corn (badbad)

Curry fishballs (still okay)

Dimsum -- we got 2 x meatball (good) + 1 x beancurd chicken roll (okay) for RM 11 (shockingly expensive)

Oysters (RM3 for one)

Carrot cake (bad)

Aiyu honey jelly (really bad and expensive RM5 -- ain't worth it)
Matcha and chocolate fudge cakes for RM15

And then after exploring the entire pasar malam, we went for D'Laska upon hearing raves online. It moved from a small little store to being a more restaurant-like mega outlet, beside Watsons at the lowest floor.

And yeah, it tasted just like the one right at the pasar malam; it's not spicy like our normal laksa that are coconut milk-based, but it's sweet and spicy + the noodles were really chewy, kind of like tapoica pearls. Coconut laksa over it any day!

Yup, and that was all for lunch and dinner! After more walking round the entire mall, we figured that it was time to head home around 8+ pm. Transport wise, we took the same bus back, but at another bus stop from where we arrived (near the kfc/BKT place) 'cause the pasar malam cordoned off the buses from entering. Reaching back to the checkpoint, we found out that we were so wrong for trying to head back to Singapore at this timing because the queue was still super super long. The queue to clear Malaysia checkpoint was capped at 40 minutes and the bus queue was.......... really terrible. Point taken to never ever go JB on public holiday again. So we skipped the bus queue and decided to walk back to woodlands checkpoint along the road-side.

It was a pretty long walk for roughly half an hour, 27 minutes to be exact. The walk was really draining but well, it's better than being stuck waiting for bus for an hour I guess.

A little more walking and a little more waiting here and there and we were finally back home!