Marang trail - Old Habits Cafe

Spontaneous nature trip down to Marang trail today with yuyue!

Having climbed that flight of steps till heaving and puffing, the scenic view that greeted us was definitely worth it. What made everything even better was indulging that sumptuous subway at a sweet spot, just watching the changes in the sky colour with sunset, and having that everything-and-anything chat :)

We managed to locate a nearby cafe via google maps and wound up at a really vintage-styled cafe, Old Habits! Being a rather quiet and hidden cafe, there wasn't much people around. What I really liked was that the boss himself personally attended and recommended us some of his cafe's goodies, along with generous heaps of icecream try-outs (hehe)!

Here's the Lemon Lime Float at $5.50. To break it down, it's 7-up topped with delicious lime sorbet and vanilla ice-cream! The lime sorbet was extremely flavourful and the balance is good uhhuh.

And then ever-so-soft brownies coupled with a single scoop of oreo cookie ice-cream, without the cream! Loved the generous amount of walnuts in the brownie that gave it a good crunch to match with the soft texture of both the brownie and ice-cream. The ice-cream itself had a slight salty taste to it and yet is still delectable!