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Taiwan (Day 3)

[台中] Breakfast at Apple203 → [台北] 淡水渔人码头/老街 → [桃园] Supper
It's pretty amazing how the previous night went by so peacefully even though Tung and I were cramped up in a single-sized bed. We both literally just slept like a zombie, no flipping/tossing/turning.

And yeah so here goes day 3! All of us woke up pretty late (10am) and didn't get to the intended breakfast place (梨子咖啡馆) in time :( (Jiayi said it was a really cheap and yummy buffet place)

So we settled for takeaway from Apple203 and back to Jy's house for breakkie!

Breakfast here really is cheap and I wanted to try everything on the menu so I got all these for myself hehe (which tung say it's worth 2 people)! 起士蛋烤土司 (NT 30)+ 蘑菇铁板面 (NT 35) + 永和豆浆 (NT 20)hehe so good. I LOVE BREAKFAST!
After breakfast, we parted with tung's friends (sobz) and then headed back to taipei via bus to 台中火车站 

The train departs at every-hour interval and considering that it costs roughly the same amount as bus (客运), we decided to take …