Strangers' Reunion

Another day of cafe visiting today, this time round at Stangers' Reunion with Uma! Yes, she's back! Unfortunately, the dates for which uma is back in Singapore is the exact period that I'd be flying off. Talk about some coincidence, sob sob. *YES I'M FLYING OFF TOMORROW TO TAIWAN FOR A 10DAYS REUNION WITH TUNG. It's the Tung's Reunion, ha ha.* Yes so back to this awesome cafe, we came to satisfy our waffles' cravings!

We started out with some truffle fries for $14 - which is totally not worth the money; truffle taste was too subtle; each fries tasted like an oil-coated stick. The only good thing that kept us going at eating it was the sauce (hidden behind the fries' bowl). Uma and I totally regret not spending the money instead on another buttermilk waffles :( 

Our noob attempt at trying to jump on the artistic-cafe-food bandwagon

And voila, our buttermilk waffles with vanilla bean ice-cream, topped with fresh fruits ($12.90)! Crispy yet soft buttermilk waffles with rich, strong, yet not too sweet vanilla ice-cream (GAHHHHHHHH). It was just so sumptuous, especially with the banana yesyes.

Here's happy uma with the awesome waffles!