Taiwan (Day 1)

Flight to 桃园机场 → Dinner at 锅神刷刷锅 → Supper at 中原夜市 → Tung's house
Embarking on my 10days or so journey to Taiwan today yay! First flight alone -  everything seems so new and exciting suddenly (hehe). Currently aboard the plane right at the last seat near the rear, by the window. Am tapping away on my phone as there is a slight delay in taking off due to weather conditions and also, taking pictures on my own (which is awkward and weird).  Well, thank heavens for the empty seat beside me because I now have 2 seats to myself YES (although I really wished for a handsome dude to come talk to me). 4 hours flight, gogogo TZ206!

Lesissy sending me off hehe

Update (2:32pm): supposed to be on the way to taipei but there was an 2 hour of delay due to the need to change out a problematic battery. The wait is so tiring...  #badstartnouu

Update (late at night): 2 hours flight delay + long immigration queue but it still didn't deter tung's parents and tung from waiting patiently at the arrival hall for me, thanks so much! 热亲 is everything the 刘 family is! Having said that I need to get a Sim card at the airport, 阿姨 went to get it for me (and refused taking my money). Having said that I need to change my money into NTD, 阿姨 stopped me from changing and kept wanting to pass me cash to spend instead (still haven't manage to change into NTD until now). So much loves that I'm a little apprehended... But I feel so welcomed! Dinner was 鲜陆猪肉 hotpot at 锅神 along the road, a diner which they frequent!

Shared just one set with tung and we were full till the brim! We didn't even have space for the endless ice-cream :( And needless to say, I didn't pay a single cent for the meal oh no!! (and all subsequent food)

Yes so, a really mega thank you to ahyi and uncle! (They're really like the ideal parents you see on TV: little squabbles here and there but one could really tell how much they care for one another uhhuh)

And here's tung who came to pick me up straight from her last day of school! (She's still in her school pe attire hahah)

 After the late dinner at 9+pm, we headed to a nearby 中原夜市 to get my first night market experience! It kinda looked like the streets of Bangkok except that everything was delicious Taiwan street snacks and looked a little more classy. There were really a lot of stores selling loads of food and clothes everywhere!  We had 韭菜臭豆腐 (first 臭豆腐 experience yay! It was actually really bearable and edible, except that the smell kind of lingered on after a while. But they said that it wasn't so nice and of standard so yup more to try!)

And also 皇后先生 招牌红(NT 20 for a big cup!!)

And then it's back home to Tung's grand house that looked like it's out of Sims! 4 storeys, hidden rooms everywhere, 4 toilets with 2 being really mega with jacuzzi and even sauna room of its own, 2 balconies, outdoor garden, grand luxurious fitting all over the place..... #soamazed. Everything feels so surreal!