July 5, 2015

Taiwan (Day 3)

[台中] Breakfast at Apple203 → [台北] 淡水渔人码头/老街 → [桃园] Supper

It's pretty amazing how the previous night went by so peacefully even though Tung and I were cramped up in a single-sized bed. We both literally just slept like a zombie, no flipping/tossing/turning.

And yeah so here goes day 3! All of us woke up pretty late (10am) and didn't get to the intended breakfast place (梨子咖啡馆) in time :( (Jiayi said it was a really cheap and yummy buffet place)

So we settled for takeaway from Apple203 and back to Jy's house for breakkie!

Breakfast here really is cheap and I wanted to try everything on the menu so I got all these for myself hehe (which tung say it's worth 2 people)! 起士蛋烤土司 (NT 30)+ 蘑菇铁板面 (NT 35) + 永和豆浆 (NT 20)hehe so good. I LOVE BREAKFAST!

After breakfast, we parted with tung's friends (sobz) and then headed back to taipei via bus to 台中火车站 

The train departs at every-hour interval and considering that it costs roughly the same amount as bus (客运), we decided to take the bus! NT260, approximately 3 hours, thank god the seat is really comfortable and there is free tv onboard hehe! 

Another cup of milk tea to accompany us for the ride! (this was really nice yumyum)

(We got the 捕位 seats, meaning that we don't have designated seats and can only board when all the people with designated seats are on board at this bus terminal. However, it's easy to get a seat because on a weekday like today, there's a lot of leftover seats so no worries!)

Yup yup, 3 hours of sleep later and we're at 台北 whoohoo! (finally getting to tour around 台北 after 2 nights into the trip yay let's go!)

We're off to take mrt (捷运) to 淡水 station!

Yoohooo finally got my 优游卡 (easycard) that practically works everywhere, on the Highspeed rail (HSR) or train, on the bus, when cashing out at convenience stores!

Here's the view from the station! We reached around 5+pm and wanted to catch the sunset at the famous Fort San Domingo (紅毛城). So we skipped exploring 淡水老街 first, to walk along the coast and enjoy the sunset view!

But first off, we stopped by 继光香香鸡 J&G Fried Chicken to have something to munch on during our walk there (although we weren't hungry in the least bit). This is like the best thing ever, better than all the other XXXL 鸡排!

Across the river is Bali (八里) island!

The weather today was so good, lovely blue skies + windy weather! Too bad the clouds were all hovering over the sun as it set :<

And seeing that we weren't able to catch the beautiful sunset, we took our time in getting to the end and bought ourselves some grilled quail's egg (烤鸟蛋)! Whoohoo these are really yummy if you like eggy :D

(at this moment... I really miss my cammy :< hating how the samsung camera lets the lights diffuse and spoils the picture ugh)

There were a lot of quaint and cool cafes around here! This one has a cramped up stairwell to the 2nd storey, talk about the feelz uhuh

(this is me about to throw my phone into the river after seeing how the lights just spazz in all directions ughf)

Okay anyway, so we eventually decided to forgo visiting the Fort San Domingo & Lover's Bridge since it was too late to appreciate its building structure + we had limited time left to explore. So we choose to locate the famous 阿给 up the hill and 淡水老街!

We manage to purchase the last few  文化阿给 of the night whoohoo! (there's another famous 阿给 store right beside but it's closed for the night)

Here it is: 阿给, glass noodles wrapped up in toufu, showered with a sweet yet savoury sauce -- it's pretty good! The 鱼丸汤 was just as, or even more, delectable yumyum. Loved the soup!

Came back down to 淡水老街, and I just had to buy this matcha icecream hehehe :D It has really thick matcha taste but erm, it melts way too quickly it's horrendous.

Out of 195 countries, I just happened to meet Aaron at the same time, same location! What are the odds man!
And then we tried BB gun!

And I found out that tung was a 神枪手...woah (she cleared everything in lane 5 without a single miss)

Here's me trying to up my game and level with her

I did clear everything but I think i missed a shot or two haha

More eating along the Old street

(trying to make my face less round, sobz don't even mention weight rn please)

And then it's back to 桃园! We boarded the mrt back to 台北火车站 and then HSR to 中壢車站 where tung's parents came to fetch us and have supper!


饭团 + 花米浆 (they said these were what traditional supper locals frequently have, apart from 豆浆油条 and the hyped mango ice! For me personally though, it's really weird consuming so much rice in the middle of the night and I don't kinda appreciate them :( felt like I was wasting my stomach space and am just helping fats grow hur)

but yeap, it's back to tung's lovely room for the night :)

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