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in the clouds

Sometimes, I get a little hopeful, or perhaps, too hopeful. I hopelessly dream about how things might be happening, painted in everything rainbow and flowers and butterflies. My mind has a compartment which secretly operates an independent full-blown threatre. It plays out realistic dreams and what I hope things could have been and might have been. I think of all the wonderful surprises and happenings. I think of the little magical moments it could have been. I think of how life fits perfectly like a near-complete jigsaw puzzle. And while my mind wires into this repeated loop of high and joy, I forgot that I'm just walking with my head in the clouds. Reality comes crashing in, making me fall at the speed of gravity, hard. It then sinks in. Nothing is as wondrous as what you may have pictured it to be. People are not fairy tale characters who parade out the roles you want them to be. A pinch of hopeless dreaming and a dash of unattainable high hopes equates to a whole load of disa…

Don't be

Don't be too quick to get angry, especially over little things. Don't be too quick to assume things you don't know of and start criticizing or judging. Take a moment, to just absorb and think through things carefully and thoroughly.  Give a chance for explanation and reasoning, to just see both sides of things. Some times, it is these little things that matters. At the end of the day, it is these little things that people remember and and look to, along with all those negative connotations and memories stuck with it. It is these things, which make people frustrated and offended.
Of you. Of your actions and more than a little hateful attitude.

Maybe it is time for a little breather for us all ugh

Animals in captivity

Hi there. The reason for being here after a hiatus is because there is just so much feelz after watching "blackfish", a documentary that investigates the reason behind the killing of countless trainers by Orcas in Sealand and SeaWorld.
Throughout the entire film, there wasn't a part of me that agreed to the notion of animals in captivity. In fact, it made me ponder a lot. The documentary showed how the Killer Whales, or Orcas, were actually being hunted down for in the wild, just so that they could be deported to Sealand to do a fantabulous show and exhibit. The hunting crew especially hunted the younger Orcas so as to reduce transportation costs and ease handling them. When they did successfully pursue the family of Orcas and outrightly kidnapped the younger Orcas from their parents/older ones, you could just tell how much grief they were going through. They were echolizing with such intensity that it was really unbearable to watch. Just think about it. Imagine if you …