in the clouds

Sometimes, I get a little hopeful, or perhaps, too hopeful. I hopelessly dream about how things might be happening, painted in everything rainbow and flowers and butterflies. My mind has a compartment which secretly operates an independent full-blown threatre. It plays out realistic dreams and what I hope things could have been and might have been. I think of all the wonderful surprises and happenings. I think of the little magical moments it could have been. I think of how life fits perfectly like a near-complete jigsaw puzzle. And while my mind wires into this repeated loop of high and joy, I forgot that I'm just walking with my head in the clouds. Reality comes crashing in, making me fall at the speed of gravity, hard. It then sinks in. Nothing is as wondrous as what you may have pictured it to be. People are not fairy tale characters who parade out the roles you want them to be. A pinch of hopeless dreaming and a dash of unattainable high hopes equates to a whole load of disappointment. It sets me back. I get much more than a little sad, but it's all on my part. Sometimes I do wonder, if I'd be able to stop thinking into things and stop hoping for so much, wouldn't life just be easier? To wish for it is all I can do. I can't help but to dream and hope at times. Maybe this is why sometimes we all get a little sad for no reason at all. You can't actually pinpoint why you are sad because nobody did anything wrong, all except your dynamic little thoughts in the clouds.

Time to let those thoughts and feelings stay up there with the clouds. In the clouds, that's where they belong.