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“Our identities, who and what we are, how others see us, are greatly affected by the names we are called and the words with which we are labeled.”
This sentence cannot contain any greater amount of truth and prevalence in today's context.
Let us not label, for we ourselves do not subscribe to labels.

A little more

Slowly but surely, to take another step. Another step towards being more confident. Another step towards accepting yourself more and more.

Grandpa's 80th

Feeling very good for being somewhat involved in making grandpa's 80th a success hehe! What a hectic yet interesting night! I think I've really grown from the days of shunning all relatives to even approaching and entertaining them now pfft haha. 
To think all of us in this picture wouldn't be here if it had not been for grandpa! This kinda feels amazing :')

you don't know how much power your words hold. and why again, am I allowing myself to?

I can't tell if it's a permanent desire or for short-term void anymore; the heart just doesn't listen to the mind does it

Being present

Be here now. Be present now. Wherever you are, be all there. Be in the moment.

An end

As with all things, there is an end to everything. Days go. Time passes. Feelings fade. Things get replaced. Everything gradually phases out slowly but surely into a dull nothing. It doesn't matter how bright that initial spark is because time nullifies all. Just like a charcoal that has finally had its final breath at radiating warmth, it cools and pales to being just a cold, hard rock. Things get boring, like a chore. Feelings get dissipated, like a helium balloon leaking itself slowly. Its initial joy and excitement no more. You can only hope for continual joy as with the remaining helium. But ultimately, it deflates, completely. At this stage then, you can't help but to get a little more than sad or disappointed.... And why again, am I the only one feeling this? I didn't sign up for this, didn't I? Thanks for showing me that no, it doesn't all work out and really, everything has an eventual date with the grim reaper. 
So ask me again whether I have trust issue…

To be

To be a little more understanding. To be a little more enduring and forgiving. To respect a little more. To have a much bigger heart than now. To not judge too quickly. To be a little more out-spoken. To be a person who dreams much more than today. To be a person who exceeds others' and self expectations. To be a person who dares to believe in the unbelievable. To take faith.
All these I cast upon my lacking self.