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2016: New Start

Off with a new year countdown at Timbre tonight. Cocktails and beer, a huge ass roasted duck pizza with a couple of buffalo wings and truffle fries, alongside a-little-too-loud band and that's how our last night of year 2015 was made! Oh and not to forget, along with some annoying rain drizzle throughout our stay. Food, music, company all checked. Had a blast spending the last few moments together being the silly us! I can almost hear those thankful bells chiming their own way into my heart and mind uhhuh.

New year resolution? I think I've only got one: to be way more confident in everything that I do. Cast away those annoying little self-doubts and stop amplifying these worries in my head. It is what others cannot see and feel but what destroys me and tortures me. First step to being happier and better, to be confident in dealing with every big and small matters.Yeah I guess this year's the year to work a little harder on that.

Almond cookies

Too much earl grey taste, she said. An almond one would be much better, she said. And so here goes my attempt at almond cookies for dear mummy! Have actually thought them to be goners (was 100% ready to bin them) but man, they aren't that bad after all I think hehe. 

But I need answers to my questions though... #1. Why wouldn't they stay in the ball shape I initially sent to bake? (They are supposed to be round like a ball but er this is a flattened disk)

Somebody help.

Almond Cookies

Jolly Christmas

Tonight is a victorious night. For it have been one when I actually didn't dislike the alcoholic drink and didn't have to push myself to drink it down. For it have been the night where I actually drink more than my friends and were so much more sober than them. One of which actually broke 2 beer glasses and one who had to vomit it all out. I WAS TOTALLY SAFE AND GOOD! I mean like I would usually be all bloated and disgusted and low but tonight ain't that night. 'Twas a good christmas and jolly Christmas eve indeed.
Achievement unlocked: Ordering a $72 tower and finishing it in near 1 hour of card playing

Here's her being calm and cool before knocking over two glasses HAHAHA

We could have had all that elf drink for free but the manager said no and took it away from us sobz

When you know she's gone

Check out who's sober yo

P.S. The pictures totally sucked because I was fumbling round with the manual mode... which I probably shouldn't have at such critica…

Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

Guess who found a multi-chopper at home? Yes, me! Couldn't wait any longer to finally be able to pulse some earl grey tea leaves and throw them into bakes... and so today was the day, hurray!

And yup, I have no idea why but the tea leaves weren't blended as finely as I thought it to be so it was pretty distinct as a tea leaf itself in the cookie. Yes, I might have been lazy in measuring out what 1 stick of butter is and couldn't wait for it to be totally at room temperature so it was kind of too soft and didn't hold its shape. And then I might have also overbaked it a little (or more than a little). Oh and also, I might have been lazy to sent a second batch to bake so I might have accidentally put them a little too close and so they all stuck to each other and had really bad shapes.

BUT ALL IN ALL, I couldn't even bear to discard the burnt ones because it still taste oh-so-good! Every mouthful is a blissful explosion of sweet, crumbly (is it supposed to be so tho?…

More than presents

Coming for work and yet receiving gifts all day everyday from dearest teacher. I am really thankful to have had her as my first attached teacher because she taught me so much more than to handle kids (and parents). 


Happiness is when you have so many things to choose from and you don't know where to even start.
That's exactly how we felt for the whole of today at JB, because of the crazy currency rate! We started out with plans to visit the nearby cafes but well,  the malls had us there for the whole 9 hours. Surprisingly though,  it wasn't exhaustive from all the walking because we kept stopping to grab a snacks or too, get a cuppa coffee whenever it felt right or just spending time to dine in a fancy restaurant. Couldn't have enjoyed the day more today :')