Chek Jawa

The weather today started on what I thought was a bad note, raining ferociously and relentlessly right after we've only just taken our first step on the island. Slowly though,  just staring as the vision ahead blurs to a grey and as million of rain drops each fall into a ripple unto the sea, the rain exerted its calming effect once again. There really is something about rain the makes me feel at ease.

And after 10 minutes or so of us just enjoying the breeze and drips, the sky cleared up miraculously as if to mark the start of our exploration! 

We took to renting bikes ($6 per bike) from a friendly old uncle and headed to Chek Jawa wetlands,  a mere half an hour ride away. Having not gone to Chek Jawa before, it was really exciting cause we didn't know what to expect! I totally didn't prepare myself for so many uphills along the gravel roads but hey, for every tough uphill, there comes  a downhill. One that you can speed down, at full speed with no brakes. Feel that adrenaline rush; that gush of wind that drowns out all other noises (and thoughts); that taste of freedom. Talk about some cheap thrills huh. In exchange for that heart-thumping moments, we got ourselves a back full of mud splatters. Carelessly plodding across those mud puddles gave us a streak of diarrhea like looking stains that was rather embarrassing but hey, getting dirty is part of the adventure,  isn't it!  Apart from the mud splatters, everything was perfect! We reached Chek Jawa an hour before the lowest tide and started out on the coastal boardwalk slowly. Halfway into eating some home-made sandwiches, the rain poured, we donned on our ponchos and literally stood through the entire rain just on the boardwalk! Being me and being a rain person, I loved every minute of feeling the raindrops on me and the breeze across my face (and entire body), very much yes. Well, maybe except for the fact that my shoes and socks were soaked through for the rest of the entire day. The rain cleared again after awhile and we were just in time to spot some intertidal wildlife nearing the 3pm LLSWT! 

YUP SO, I had a really good adventure today! Can't wait to explore more places and see more things!