Coney Island

Off to Coney Island today! 

Well, first thing first, I have to say that today's Coney island was a really disappointing one. To say it is rustic and natural, it is not. To say it is a hideout for tired and weary souls of city slaves, it is not, especially with the huge traffic of homo sapiens around. Think about it. A mere 50 hectare area of land, filled with people at every bend and corner, and then add on a few bunch of annoying kids on bikes who demands their way around. And there's that issue about sandflies, which really, are crazily infested among the beach areas (true to the rumours and rreporting). And not to mention, inconsiderate people who blasts kpop music everywhere they go, destroying any trace of serenity and peace there is. So there you go, just everything that doesn't a justify a not-so-early trip down far end punggol (sigh). But that aside, I'm really glad for today's company because we still had a wonderful time throughout the trek yay! 

 Here's the highlight of the walk: Them strangers being chased and attacked for that bag of bread which they refuse to part with, and wanting to outrun the monkeys.

And to end off a bad walk and to piece back together the shattered expectations, we went for some comfort food at Lola's!