Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

Guess who found a multi-chopper at home? Yes, me! Couldn't wait any longer to finally be able to pulse some earl grey tea leaves and throw them into bakes... and so today was the day, hurray!

And yup, I have no idea why but the tea leaves weren't blended as finely as I thought it to be so it was pretty distinct as a tea leaf itself in the cookie. Yes, I might have been lazy in measuring out what 1 stick of butter is and couldn't wait for it to be totally at room temperature so it was kind of too soft and didn't hold its shape. And then I might have also overbaked it a little (or more than a little). Oh and also, I might have been lazy to sent a second batch to bake so I might have accidentally put them a little too close and so they all stuck to each other and had really bad shapes.

BUT ALL IN ALL, I couldn't even bear to discard the burnt ones because it still taste oh-so-good! Every mouthful is a blissful explosion of sweet, crumbly (is it supposed to be so tho?) and heavenly lavender early grey scent and I absolutely loved it! I mean like come on, just imagine it coupled with some ice-cream, especially the one-ingredient banana ice-cream (YES, GONNA BLEND SOME FROZEN BANANAS TOMORROW). Or maybe I can make use of its crumbliness and make it a cheesecake base? Just imagine eating a cheesecake with an earl grey infused base... Okay maybe that may come across a little weird based on imagination alone but I got a feeling they kind of go well together, just maybe. Damn, all my salivary glands are already activated *slurpz. Can't wait for more earl grey bakes of my own. I need to master them all so that I can give it to people and make them fall in love with earl grey too yes. COME ON EARL GREY, HELP ME HELP YOU.