Lavender Earl Grey Chiffon

Lavender grey chiffon cake today because I've just received this lovely tin of lavender grey. Really can't express how happy I am to be receiving this tin of awesomeness ♥ Loving the strong lavender in it! (Still can't decide whether I prefer lavender grey or earl grey blue flowers though) 

Although I have been warned that the pan that you use does matter but I still went ahead and used my round pan for experimentation. And the verdict is.... YOU REALLY CAN'T USE A NON-STICK PAN. My "chiffon" cake only showed promising 3-4 cm rise into 20 minutes of baking, only to start deflating back to its original height again. I've never seen a cake so flat... I can't even call it a chiffon cake LOL. So I guess I really do need to go get some proper equipment to bake this. Apart from it being super dense and packed, its smell was marvellous whee! Its subtle (yet-there-in-every-bite) lavender earl grey was so seductive and calming.