Jolly Christmas

Tonight is a victorious night. For it have been one when I actually didn't dislike the alcoholic drink and didn't have to push myself to drink it down. For it have been the night where I actually drink more than my friends and were so much more sober than them. One of which actually broke 2 beer glasses and one who had to vomit it all out. I WAS TOTALLY SAFE AND GOOD! I mean like I would usually be all bloated and disgusted and low but tonight ain't that night. 'Twas a good christmas and jolly Christmas eve indeed.

Achievement unlocked: Ordering a $72 tower and finishing it in near 1 hour of card playing

Here's her being calm and cool before knocking over two glasses HAHAHA

We could have had all that elf drink for free but the manager said no and took it away from us sobz

When you know she's gone

Check out who's sober yo

P.S. The pictures totally sucked because I was fumbling round with the manual mode... which I probably shouldn't have at such critical photo-taking moments.