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Humble Origins

What to do when you are all alone waiting for your next lecture on a raining day?
A good old cup of earl grey lattle (without a doubt) and a dying computer.


Kam Long Curry Fish Head. The Replacement - Lodge & Kitchen. Maco Vintage. Bev C. EH HE Gallery & Ink Brew Cafe. Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory. All these cafes in one day today while traveling with these two! Totally a day of just either stuffing food into our face or just chilling while waiting for that food to digest in our stomach. Proud to say that for the entire day today, hunger didn't even had a chance to strike hehe!

Orange Chiffon

Orange chiffon today... and once again, failed at making a succesfully chiffon sobz. It started off really well with the batter but it turned out bad lesigh. More to work on!

Oh boy, would you look at how seven of them fresh market eggs whipped out so beautifully ah huh.

Chiffon #1: Think the temperature was too high so it expanded too quickly and collapsed.This went into the bin.

Chiffon #2: Didn't want to unnecessarily open the oven door so skipped the covering of aluminium foil but apparently it's too burnt at the top. This was slightly better than cake #1 but still, too dense. Think I might have to lower the temperature and bake it longer the next time. And also to line the bottom with parchment paper to break the loveydovey attachment of the cake to the tin.

Burnt and dense and bad.


Thankful for them constants in life :') 

Midnight fun

"Come kids, support me on a run at 1030pm!" Dad exclaims.
Hearing that, my head formulated an answer on its own. An one and only answer: a big fat no. These days haven't seen the runner side of me at all, in fact swimming has completely substituted it out of my rare work out spurs. And what's more, who's gonna run this late when I have got a swimming date planned at eight am the next morning? 
But well, here I am and here we are. Dad was on foot, sister was on the two-wheeler and me, on my four-wheeled penny. And then there is also brother on foot, who came to join us at our returning course (running from home all the way to East coast park). I can't deny it but coming out had been a fabulous idea! Chilly weather. Midnight air. Boundless skating. Thrilling slopes. Breathtaking sceneries. It couldn't have been a better night!!