2016: New Start

Off with a new year countdown at Timbre tonight. Cocktails and beer, a huge ass roasted duck pizza with a couple of buffalo wings and truffle fries, alongside a-little-too-loud band and that's how our last night of year 2015 was made! Oh and not to forget, along with some annoying rain drizzle throughout our stay. Food, music, company all checked. Had a blast spending the last few moments together being the silly us! I can almost hear those thankful bells chiming their own way into my heart and mind uhhuh.

New year resolution? I think I've only got one: to be way more confident in everything that I do. Cast away those annoying little self-doubts and stop amplifying these worries in my head. It is what others cannot see and feel but what destroys me and tortures me. First step to being happier and better, to be confident in dealing with every big and small matters.Yeah I guess this year's the year to work a little harder on that.